S-Liner Basic


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This new-style device works extremely quickly and exact. That means your results are easy to control and quickly done. You also have speed display where you may choose between different modes of your work (for every specific treatment).
This model may be right choice for you if you have a professional background in permanent make-up or just started your career and want precise results.
It is composed by:  
  • Power supply (with sensor speed display)
  • Adapter + power cord
  • Hand-piece + connector cord
  • 1 box of needles 1R 0,30 (15PCS)
  • Operating manual
  • Power Supply output (max.12V,250NPS)
  • Power Supply input  (90-240V)
  • PEN Speed (max.10000 RPM)
  • PEN Input (max. 12v)
  • Frequency (50Hz)
  • Drive (Precision DC motor)
  • Protecting class (Protection small voltage)
  • Operating mode  (Continuous operation)

We guarantee 1year on the hand piece and power supply from the time of its original purchase.
The warranty does not apply to the following damage:
– Damage and consequential damage caused by improper use or failure to comply with the operating manual.
– Damage caused by the ingress of fluids or dirt into the inside of the hand-piece, the con- troller or the power supply.


Вес 2.15 kg
Габариты 27 × 12 × 27 cm